My First Tandem Skydiving Experience

Creation Of BUCKET LIST: –

Like every Youngster, Even I created a bucket list. I listed down the goals and things I wanted to do. Tandem Skydiving fetched the Numero Uno Position in the list because I always wondered what it like would be to fly.

I have already searched that Dubai is one of the best places to Skydive in Asia. The view you get to see from the Sky is of Palm Jumeirah, The Man-Made Island.Skydive in Dubai is one of the coolest things to do in Dubai.

Making Plans and Booking the Trip: –

As I can’t forget the day when my colleague from office asked me to accompany him to Dubai for Skydive. It took me less than a second to reply in YES. We were a group of 3.

We booked the flight tickets and did the pre-booking for Skydive a month advance as you have to pre-book one or two months advance based upon the availability of seats and weather conditions.


AED 1699 at the Desert Campus

AED 2199 at the Palm

Book the tickets at :-

We preferred to Skydive at the Palm Jumeirah.

Trip Off to Dubai:-

We had booked the flights from Delhi, India to Dubai. After arriving Dubai, we had dinner on Cruise the very 1st day, and Desert Safari the other day. We were about to have the lifetime experience the next day. Mix thoughts were flowing in my mind.

Finally the D- day Arrives

We woke up early in the morning. We hadn’t slept the last night as the minds were filled with so much excitement and anxiety. We were about to jump from 13000 feet or 3962 meters. We had booked the slot of 01:15 pm. We kicked off at almost 09:00 am from our hotel room. We were on expedition. The excitement could be seen on our faces.

We took the metro to Jumeirah Beach from the nearest Metro Station. After reaching the Jumeirah Metro Station, we headed towards the SKYDIVE DUBAI spot.

The gaze of SKYDIVE Dubai spot few meters away made me run towards the spot with arms spread out like an airplane. We clicked some pictures with SKYDIVE DUBAI board.

Signing the Waiver Form

We headed towards the reception. After reaching there, we were so amazed to see that people from different countries had come to do the same as it was in their bucket list too. Some were newbies like us and some had already experienced this sport.

After reaching the reception, the reception asked to stand on the weighing machine. The weight as well as the height was measured. This helps them to calculate BMI.

BMI < 30 for Men

BMI < 27.5 for Women

The people with BMIs above the mentioned figures are not allowed to skydive for safety purposes. The receptionist handled over the forms and ask us to sign the forms with the initials of our names.

I had to sign the waiver registering I had already read the instructions and watched the videos and would be responsible for my life. There would be no insurance in case any mishap happens. I even declared that I am not having any health issues.

gaze of SKYDIVE Dubai spot few meters away made me run towards the spot with arms spread out like an airplane. We clicked some pictures with SKYDIVE DUBAI board.

Waiting for the Turn

After signing the waiver and paying the remaining fee, We were asked to wait as he announcement of our names had to be made on the speaker. After 15 mins. , the announcement was made for our group. The instructor approached me  and introduced himself. He gave me the jump suit to dress myself over my clothes. The jump suit was little loose but then he fixed the harness and it was looking fine. He also fixed diving goggles on the side of my arms and told me that he’ll give me inside the airplane.

My photographer took my interview video and asked several questions whether I was nervous or was it my first jump etc. He instructed me to look up while diving and smile in front of camera, look for his sign when he’ll give me to hold his hand and I have to let him go as per his sign. I wasn’t nervous that time. I was feeling very excited as if I was going to war front to save my country.

Later my instructor  gave me 5 minutes Skydiving training – cross arms, head back, knees bent, jump. He asked me not to get nervous . I just had one question- How many jumps had he done before? He smiles and replied,” Almost 1000 jumps that I have lost the count”. That made me more sure that I was in safe hands.

Heading towards the Boarding Spot

After Instructions, we were all set to reach the airplane’s boarding spot. The spot was few meters away. So we reached there by golf cart.

The airplane was already available at the spot. I was about to climb. By that time, I knew that it was the time of no turning back and not freaking out as now universe also conspires me to jump. The airplane’s blades were rotating, and it was like some Heroic scene from the Hollywood Movies as if I am the one with my private plane along with my bodyguards.

We’re in. The door closes. We’re off. Squashed into two benches that face one another. Four were Tandem with their Instructor and Photographer, along with 2 solo divers. After reaching the height of almost 5000 ft., My cameramen asked me” How was I feeling ?” I found that question so stupid because any one could get anxious for the very first time. My heart was pumping fast and I started answering the questions with smile on my face. I had a talk with my instructor and get to know that he is from Brazil and is in Dubai from almost 5 years. After reaching the height, the plane doors opened up and strong breeze entering the airplane gave me the goosebumps. The solo divers jumped out the plane and I looked out from the window and everything looked so fascinating. The view was so surreal.

At attaining the height of 13000 feet, My instructor asked me to sit on his lap and bend backwards towards his chest so to harness with him. He asked to remember some instructions such as One tap on the shoulder to open your arms. Second tap to brings arms to chest as the parachute opens. Knees bent for landing.

Jumping out off the Plane

After the first tandem dive of my companion, The instructor helped me to put on the googles and  We crawled towards the door .My Photographer jumped out the airplane and I reached at the edge of the door. I felt no affliction of body, mind or soul. The View on the top of the Island was marvelous. I was feeling so peaceful.

As instructor asked me “Are you ready ?” I reciprocated with the Yes Answer . He bend my head on his shoulder and we jumped off the plane. As instructed from him, I was holding the harness.

The few seconds were so blurred but once we achieved terminal velocity of 120 mph , My instructor asked me to bend the legs. I could feel the adrenaline rush through my nerves. The photographer reached at our height and was facing me and asked me to make some symbols and I gave the thumbs up, opened my arms wide and made heart symbols. My arms were wide spread. It was not as if I was falling, but as if we were floating on air cushion. So peaceful and so dreamy It looked to see the world’s most beautiful island from the top. Then my instructor held mine and photographer’s hands together so that he could capture our close-up shots. Then as the cameraman gave us signal, we left his hand.

He disappeared so did we.

Parachute Moment

After almost 45 seconds of free fall, my instructor opened the parachute. We bounced to almost 30mph against the gravity. I was standing perpendicular to the surface, and I was as if I am the Iron Man with jet in my shoes. The Dubai seems so captivating from the height of 5000 feet. The instructor asked me to stand on his feet and I did the same. He unfastened the harness and loosened my googles.

He asked me to how was I feeling? I reciprocated with the answer” This is the best experience of adventure I ever had. It couldn’t be described in words”. He smiled and asked me if I wanted to have some acrobats in the air. I replied with the Hell Yes! Then he spinned our parachute 3-4 times to left and right and it was exhilarating ! The parachute ride down took around 7 minutes and the landing was incredibly soft.

Finally the Landing

After landing, we a group of 3 were running towards each other and we hugged each other as if some mission had been accomplished.

Words that are too less to describe

We were dancing and our joy knew no bounds.All of a sudden the lines from Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara “ Dilon mein tum apni betabiyan le kar chal rahe ho, To Zinda Ho Tum. Nazar mein Khawabon ki bijlian le kar chal rahe ho, To Zinda ho Tum” ricocheted in my mind.

Wow, this experience was nothing like I had imagined. It was the best moment of my life which I couldn’t express in words!All I can say is that Skydiving is more intoxicating that Marijuana/Alcohol. This Sport is enough to make your mind spin.

Enjoy Tandem Skydiving in the safest manner

Skydiving is the sport that fills one with unlimited thrill and excitement that could never be felt. But it still requires a lot of courage and little bit fitness as your Body Mass Index should be above the defined limits(i.e. 27.5 for women and 30 for men). Most of the people in the world want to do Skydiving but could not get rid of their fear of heights. Tandem skydiving is most exhilarating way to make your first skydive. It is the quickest and fastest way to enjoy the skydiving experience.

There is no time for despair, no place for self-pity, no need for silence, no room for fear.


This Experience was the most blissful experience of my life till date. I was flying. There’s zero Fear. “You realize that the point of maximum danger Is the point of Minimum fear. It was bliss. Why was I scared in my bed the night before? Everything up to the stepping out. There was no reason to be scared. It only just ruins your day. God places the best things in life on the other side of terror. On the other side of Maximum fear are the best things to occur” ~ William Smith.

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