9 Top Qualities of a Successful Blogger to earn Money


What are the traits or qualities of a successful blogger? How to make your blog a success?How to earn money through blogs?

These are the few very common questions being asked.

There is no Ninja technique to be a successful blogger. You need to put on efforts and keep on posting. It really does take time to draw your passion of the ground to be successful blogger. Every day or another, you need to sit in the morning or evening and punch out another blog post and put out for the world to read. You must put tiny investment in your passion and need to stay with it for the long call.

9 Top Qualities of a Successful Blogger to earn money :-

1. Successful bloggers are keen learners at Heart.

Most of the successful bloggers are learners at heart. They are always curious on learning new skills and information. They are never fully arrived. Learners read the books, take on courses or read other bloggers or blog posts. They focus on niche and keep on mastering it. Bloggers learn and help others in understanding.

2. Successful bloggers have abundance mentality.

Mostly Bloggers don’t feel comfortable in mentioning or talking about other blogs as they are afraid that the visitors will move to the mentioned person’s blog that will reduce their income through AdSense. This mentality is very limited and hinders the success. But the successful bloggers help their visitors by mentioning other blogs if something interesting is over there. They are welcoming and promote each other.

3. Successful bloggers know how to add on value or be different from other blogs for targeted audience.

Successful bloggers make blogs to help their visitors in one way or other through services, products, information etc. They make the interactions more interesting by using lucid language or through their videos or putting on courses or through eBooks. These services provide extra value in their minds. They don’t keep the stagnant level of their blog.

4. Successful bloggers value relationships with others.

When people comment or send emails, They take their time out to reach to you. So, it’s mandatory to reply to their comment or query. They took their time to reach to you and you took your time out to reply. So, you really win over your customer. Maybe you get the lifetime customer. Person might talk to friends about the blog he is following and will tell them that there’s quite interesting stuff over there and it’s quite easy to reach over to the blogger to get your questions answered. So, it’s very crucial to value relationships.

If your blog has grown up and you get piles of mails to get answered, I know it would be difficult to dedicate so much time to answer every question. You can try to answer the questions in some words rather than in 200-500 words.

5. Successful bloggers are Action takers.

Like I have mentioned in First point that the successful bloggers are keen learners at Heart, they not only learn but also take actions. They know the principle that the learning would be worthy only if converted into action. So, they follow the principle 1:1 i.e. If they take one hour in learning some topic, they spare their one hour out to implement or execute that learning.

6. Successful bloggers are Hardworking.

They are very hardworking. They don’t get discouraged by less earnings in some month or so. Visitors’ traffic on blogs is like a Stock market of the developing country. You can’t predict the stock market every single day or month. But we all know that the values of the stocks will improve as the economy is growing of that developing country. Same is the case in Blogging traffic. You need to keep on posting and the results will be fruitful in a long run. If you are doing 9 to 6 job, you need to spare time for your passion by waking up early or after job hours. Even you can work on your posts during the downtime in office hours.

7. Successful bloggers are Persistent.

Perseverance is really very important to be successful in any field. Don’t get demotivated with the small failures. Believers don’t even fail to fail. They embrace their failures and learn from them. So you need to persistently learn and put your efforts and time on mastering you skills and never get deviated from your long term goal.

8. Successful bloggers do proofreading of their posts.

This quality is one of the most important qualities of Successful blogger. You might have seen many blogs with spell or grammar mistakes. This shows the level of seriousness with which the blogger has posted. Visitor will move on to another blog resulting in losing the customer. Sometimes in-built doesn’t show the spelling mistakes. So, Blogger need to proofread posts or can take help of  friend or acquaintance with good literature skills.

9. Successful bloggers are aspired.

They are very clear about their ambition. They don’t have value goals “become rich”. Their goals are very specific. Their idea of success is defined, they break their goals into manageable tasks and celebrate after completing tasks. Most of the bloggers start bog just to be rich and stop posting content when they don’t find any revenue being generated. But Successful bloggers are the one who keep on posting the content as they know the more frequently they will post , the more would be the ranking of their blog by Google. They never lose heart if the revenues don’t come early as they know Great things take time.

The below qualities are the excerpts from my conversation with Bob and Jonathan Milligan.

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