15 Interesting Questions to find your Passion

How to discover passion
Confused what to do in life ? or How to find Passion?

People get enameled in finding the passion in their lives. Sometimes they get pressurized They get stuck and end up doing nothing. Interest is very basic step of Passion.

They spend their lives doing with what they are influenced. Society plays a very important role in influencing. We end up doing what we didn’t even like for whole of their life. Daily, we read or hear the success stories of one person or other. Ever wondered what’s the logic behind their success.

They weren’t lucky or had found Harry Potter’s stick 😉

They found their niche and mastered it. So, Mantra of success is to find your passion and work on it to be ahead from others.

So – Follow your Dreams. Follow your Passion.

Now, the main question arises: – How to know about your passion? You might be having so many questions such as: –

I am good in some areas but that’s normal. So many people are ahead of me in that area. And even I don’t know whether it’s passion or not. Or many be I would like that area for some time as my interests keep on changing with time. Or there might be so many questions in your brains.

But for all your questions, I have a Step by Step strategy to discover your passion.

Let’s start this journey together.

I call this step by step guide “P&Q” strategy. P&Q stands for Pick and Question yourself.

So, it’s better to have paper and pencil while continuing the journey to know your Passion. I wish I had found some mentor in my early life to make me understand my Passion.

I have bifurcated this strategy in two steps :-

Step 1:- Pick your areas of Interest

Step 2 :- Question Yourself

Let’s go in detail now:-


Step 1 :- Pick your areas of Interest

If you busy in some task, I would recommend you read this article later. As if you really interested in knowing your passion and need to be successful in your domain area, you must put everything aside for couple of minutes and focus on the same.

This Step 1 is a Brainstorming session. All you have to do is list down 3 to 5 areas of interest. That doesn’t mean you have to be expert in those topics. These must be areas of interest that you love doing.

To make this session more engaging, Let’s take my example. I would be explaining you with the areas I had chosen while discovering my passion.

As I was really confused in writing down my list of interests because I was interested in so many areas.

Don’t resume to next step unless you had listed down 3 to 5 areas of Interest.

Step 2:- Question Yourself.

In Step 2, you need to ask few questions from yourself. You have to be truthful. You don’t have to necessarily yes to every question. If you really want to embark in the journey of finding your passion, Answer the questions truthfully. It’s better to answer ‘No’ and think harder later than skipping the questions. Even if you know about your interests, you can use these questions as a Witness tool. More is the answer ‘Yes’ to the questions, the more certain you would be.

Clarity comes with movement. Most of the questions are excerpt from the book “Passion Plan” by Richard Chan. I highly recommend this book to people who want to go in detail.

I will be helping you in understanding each question.

  • Question 1:- Do you like to talk about that interest with others?

Do you like talking to people about that interest or can listen to them for hours.

  • Question 2:- Do you like to learn about that topic?

Do you really want to dive in to that topic and learn. Or sometimes while learning about that topic, you forget about the trace of time.

If you imagine that you’ll need to teach someone else the material or task you are trying to grasp, you can speed up your learning and remember more, according to a study done at Washington University in St. Louis. The expectation changes your mind-set so that you engage in more effective approaches to learning than those who simply learn to pass a test, according to John Nestojko, a postdoctoral researcher in psychology and coauthor of the study.

  • Question 3:- Do you have some experience with this topic?

You need to be few steps ahead on the path from others. But that doesn’t mean you have to be expert. As really explained, you need to be keen learner. Many people feel that whatever they know about that topic, most of the people would already be knowing. Or they feel whatever know are basics and easy. But the glass always half full if you are optimist. Most of the people won’t be even knowing the basics, so you can a reliable source of help for them.

  • Question 4:- Would you do if for free?

This is a very interesting question to ask yourself. If you were not being paid for the work in that specific area of interest, would you really do that? If you are working in your area of interest to be rich in a year or two, you won’t be in a long run. Most people stop working on their passion because they don’t find the revenues coming. Great things take time. So, question yourself would you continue working on it for free in a long run till the time you get results?

  • Question 5:- Would you be able to solve the problems for others?

You can so many question forums on the internet. People ask questions on every topic. They really need to get their questions answered. So if you be able to solve to their problems on the particular topic, It would be a Win Win situation. You would be having a Loyal customer. So you have to be willing to solve and answer questions of others. This would embark you in the journey of success.

  • Question 6:- Do you really lose track of time when engaged in that activity?

When you are engaged in that activity for one or more hours and don’t even realize the time. Like when I do photo manipulations, sometimes It takes me 2 or more hours while editing and manipulating my travel photos, but while engaged in that activity I lose the time track.

  • Question 7:- Do you perform beyond your normal capabilities when engaged in it?

Do you perform beyond your normal capacity or capability while engaged in that activity. It’s like going beyond your limits. Like when thought of making a blog , I didn’t even know how to make a blog and post, didn’t even know about SEO or affiliate marketing as I was from Manufacturing Background. But I performed beyond my limits to learn.

  • Question 8:- Is your energy level higher when engaged in that activity?

This question is very well explained by author Richard Chan. Our areas of interest are marked in three zones :- Red, Yellow and Green.

Red Area :- The task that you don’t like doing is in Red area.

Yellow Area :- The task that like doing but your energy levels aren’t high to keep you doing regularly.

Green Area :- While doing or engaging in this task, your energy levels are sky touching high.

Choose the task that comes in Green area.

  • Question 9:- Do you get excited in anticipation of engaging in that activity?

Do you really get excited thinking of being engaged in that activity. Like I was a night owl, but when I started writing content for my posts. I knew I had to make a habit of waking up early in the morning because creative ideas come in the mind in the morning as per research reports. So , I made a habit of waking up early. I would really thank Charles Duhigg for coming up with the brilliant book ‘The Power of Habit” that helped me a lot in understanding why we do what we do and how to change it.

When I used to sleep at night, I already get excited in anticipation of writing the content early in the morning. I knew if I won’t sleep early, I won’t be able to write the content. That feeling helped me in sleeping early and waking up early.

  • Question 10:- Do you dream about the activity as Passion?

This don’t mean daydreaming while driving the car or engaged in some activity. Definitely not. It’s about dreaming about working hard and achieving your goals by putting up the best efforts.

  • Question 11:- Is your enthusiasm for that activity consistent?

That’s the very important question. I would suggest to take a time to ask yourself this question while finding your passion. Most of the people are very enthusiastic for some activity for the short period of time. It’s human tendency. Our interests keep on changing. But passion is extended version of Interest. If you have a passion of playing basketball, you have to be consistent. No matter what. Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally. It comes from what you do consistently.

  • Question 12:- Do you feel more confident and energized while engaged in that activity?

Do you feel positive or powered when engaged in that activity. Every task is broken into smaller pieces. Let’s take an example of Travelling. When I am travelling, and I do meet strangers. They always find me vibrant. I always celebrate my small wins. So reward yourself with small wins and celebrate. That will keep you more confident and energized while doing that task.

  • Question 13:- Do others notice you based on your involvement and performance in it?

We are with who we are surrounded with. People surround you play a very important role. Have they ever complimented you for this task or have asked to take this area as a career.

  • Question 14:- Do others rally or get involved with you in that activity?

This question is a typical one for many. Let me explain you by an example. As I loved travelling and used to travel solo on a budget. My Friends wondered how I am experienced so beautifully even with the travel expenses that theirs. People surrounded me start asking me to take them along with them. They used to compliment me for being resourceful.

  • Question 15:- Do you feel energized after being engaged in that activity?

This question would look somewhat like Question 8. Do you really feel happy or positive after working on that task or activity. Like I started writing content for the posts in the morning. After working for an article, I always felt energized for whole day. After working on that task, you feel accomplished.


Here are the few quotes to keep you motivated to strive for your passion:-


“Hard work is painful when life is devoid of purpose. But when you live for something greater than yourself and the gratification of your own ego, then hard work becomes a labor of love.”Steve Pavlina


“Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs.”Farrah Gray


“The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” Steve Jobs

“Dream big and dare to fail.”Norman Vaughan

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