31 Exciting activities to do in Dubai to quench Adventure Thirst

If you need to get your nerves pumping up with adrenaline rush, Dubai is the recommendable place to visit. There is no dearth of adventures in Dubai. You would get to experience mammoth of adventures. Dubai is heaven for adventure seekers.You will experience various activities to do in Dubai.

Dubai has all types of adventures in Dubai to rush the adrenaline in your nerves

  • Water Adventures
  • Air Adventures
  • Sand Sports
  • Ice Sports
  • Recreational and Spectator Activities

31 Exciting activities to do in Dubai

  • Dubai Water adventures

Dubai has plethora of water adventures. Get yourself thrilled with awing experiences. Enjoy the scuba diving and snorkeling in the blue lagoon. Get yourself deep dived into pristine waters. Hone your kitesurfing or wakeboarding skills. Take expedition in jet ski or sped boat. Accompany sharks in exploring the underwater world. Know about SUP ?If not, not only know it, experience it. Get lost yourself in the plenty of adventures. I would recommend you to try at least few new water activities in Dubai.

1. Kite Surfing

Fancy any water sport in Dubai , and your wish would come true . Try out this extreme sport In Dubai. There are many schools that teach you kitesurf. Amateurs can try their hands in this extreme sport that needs you to grip the handle attached to the parachute and move changing the direction and speed in the water. This sport is even a great full body exercise. Enjoy the experience of kite surfing or simply go to beach and watch people doing. This adventure is one of the best activities to do in Dubai.

2. Scuba diving

Ever wondered how would it feel to breathe underwater or to look underwater world. There are so many travel guides and companies providing various packages depending upon certification requirement , number of dives, location, no. of hours or days, water depth etc. Don’t miss the opportunity if you want to. So much peace and tranquility you will find underwater.

3. Fly boarding

Fly boarding isn’t available everywhere in the world. Get your adrenaline rushing with this thrilling experience of getting lifted by the water jet propeller. Enjoy trying more jumps, dives and aquatic acrobats. This adventure is must for Daredevils as you to balance yourself to get elevated and ride the flow. This adventure is one of the interesting activities to do in Dubai.

4. Jet-Ski

Enjoy the Jet-Skiing  with the magnificent beauty around. Turn on the motor and ride your Jet-ski in any of the islands The Palm, Jumeirah Beach , Atlantis etc. You will feel the breeze blowing through your hair, water touching your face, sun kissing your body and the noise back from your motor. Instructors would provide your safety instructions and life jackets. Make sure to carry the swimwear as in some areas, they don’t provide.

5. Swim with sharks in Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

Tick off your wish to swim with shark , the ultimate predator, from your bucket list in Dubai Aquarium. Have a chance to swim with Sharks and enjoy the magnificent view of the inside man-made aquarium.

6. Sailing

Dubai is great destination to get delighted with the water adventures. Sailing in the crystal clear water is the one of the enthralling activities to do in Dubai.

7. Enjoy Dhow Cruising in Dubai Marina

Visit blood of city i.e. Dubai creek via Dhow cruise. Cruising in Dhow Cruise for the magnificent experience of Dubai Marina should be on the list. Earlier, Dhows were used by Pearl divers and traders, but with time these dhows have evolved to offer a rare glimpse of the Iconic city to the tourists. Dubai is known as the city of superlatives because every new development here is bigger, taller and better than the last. Photo

Enjoy sumptuous meal under the sky and get relaxed with chilled juice or soft drink. Live performances of traditional art forms by expert artists who practice the Tanoura Dance, Youwla Dance or Arabic music add flavours to your relaxing mood.

8. Stand-up Paddle Boarding(SUP)

This sport is one of the fastest growing sports .In this sport, you have to stand on the board and use a paddle to propel yourself in the water. Dream of any water activity , Dubai will offer you.This adventure is one of the unforgettable activities to do in Dubai.

9. Parasailing

Get yourself tied with para-sail with the help of harness that is connected to the boat with the rope. As the vehicle drives off, it carries parascender and you to the air. Don’t mix this sport with paragliding. The parascender has little control over parachute.

10. Snorkeling

As already described, Dubai is nirvana for Water sport lovers. You can experience the snorkeling in pristine waters of the beaches. Put on the snorkel gear and dive deep into the crystal waters and admire the beauty of the marine species. You will feel the tranquility as this adventure is some sort of meditation.

In you want to swim with the sharks and be completely safe, then you need to visit Dubai Mall.

Yes !!! you can experience the Cage Snorkeling in Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo located in Dubai Mall.

11. Speed Boating

Have the exhilarating speed boat experience in Dubai. Speed boat is a boat powered by Engine.

You can’t cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water.  ~ Rabindranath Tagore

12. Wake-boarding

It’s a exciting combination of water skiing, surfing and snowboarding techniques. This sport is unprecedented for many of them. For me, this adventure was unheard. This adventure involves riding the wakeboard over the surface of water. The wakeboard is towed behind the boat. This sport has a wide following in Emirates followed by United States and UK. Experienced riders jump, flip and spin while riding the wakeboard. This adventure is one of the craziest activities to do in Dubai.

13. Wind Surfing

This water sport combines elements of surfing and sailing. Enjoy the ride in the boat powered by wind on the sail. Many schools and centers are found in Emirates that teach and make you experience the unprecedented water adventures.

14. Deep Sea Fishing.

Get yourself taken in the Arabian Gulf on the Yacht with experienced crew. This is one of the unprecedented activities to do in Dubai.

  • Dubai Air adventures

Dubai won’t unnerve if you are crazy enough to get the adrenaline rush in your nerves. Get your heart pumped while jumping from the airplane and pulled by gravitational force with the terminal velocity of 120 miles per hour. Wonder of viewing the skyscrapers from above, Dubai provides Sea Plane Tour. Have desire for viewing the sun set or sun rise in Hot Air Ballooning. Dubai has it all.

 15. Skydiving

This thrilling adventure is for daring adventurers. There’s nothing like a Free Fall jump to pump up your adrenaline levels. Dive from the plane above the Palm Jumeriah and experience the exquisite bird eye view of the Jumeirah beach. If you are beginner, experience the tandem skydiving that includes instructor harnessed with you and the photographer for the amazing photos and video in the air. Experience the free fall from 13000 ft. height and have the bird eye of the beautiful Palm Jumeirah Island, The Man-Made Island. Enjoy acrobats in the air. This was the most blissful experience of my life till date. I was flying.

Operator :- Sky Dubai

Want to know the experience of My First Ever Tandem Skydiving – Click this Link

16. Take Sea Plane Tour

Enjoy the 45-minute seaplane flight with transport from central Dubai. Take off from the sea, as the waters of Arabian gulf become your runway and then soar through Dubai’s skies to get the bird’s eye view of Dubai. Admire aerial views of prestigious developments and skyscrapers. Have your camera ready as you soar around the Burj Khalifa and sail-shaped Burj Al-Arab hotel. Take Snap photos of the palm-tree-shaped island of the Palm Jumeirah.

Operator :- Seawings is the Seaplane operator in Dubai and offers variety of packages.

17. Hot Air Ballooning

If you fear of Skydiving, take a scintillating hot air balloon experience while pacing slowly over the Dubai desert. The exciting exploration will take you 1000 meters above the ground level and let you experience the panoramic view of sand dunes, roaming camels, sunrise, oasis and sea water. Ever fancied about going up, up and away over the desert landscape, there are lots of companies in Dubai that provide the experience of amazing sightseeing of sun set and sun rise over the amazing red dunes. Make sure to choose reputed companies that provide insurances too. Dubai is renowned for colorful hot air balloons in the world.

Operator :- Balloon Adventures Emirates is one of the best known operators in Dubai for Hot Air Balloon.

  • Dubai Sand sports

Experience the iconic desert activities in Dubai. Camp in the desert under the stars and admire the nature’s beauty. Refresh yourself with thrilling experience of Quad Biking. Off-Road in the SUVs and blow away the sands. Enjoy the Camel ride and take the roller coaster ride in sand through Desert Safari and revitalize yourself with unprecedented Belly dance and Arabic food at the camp.

18. Desert Camping

If you are nature lover, then you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to go for camping amid sun, sand and camels. It’s better to opt for desert camping sites than spending money on luxury hotels. Watch the day pass by seeing the sand dunes. Desert camping is going to be one of the best memories of your life.

19. Dune Bashing and Quad Biking

Set of for the dunes in your 4×4 ensuring coming in pairs and have GPS or come in organized tours.Don’t miss the roller coaster experience bouncing over the tall sand mountains. Do get your photo clicked with falcon.

20. Off-Roading

Off-roading could be a great activity for driving enthusiasts. Driving through the sand dunes, unknown terrains and unraveled plains in the expensive SUV might be costly but it would be worth the money. Rent the car or carry the driver to have the gala time with your friends or family.

21. Camel Safari

This activity is more relaxing, entertaining and lucid than the 4×4 adventure. Camel Ride in the gold sand dunes is not only captivating but also mesmerizing. The ride brings you close to nature. Camel ride is the ship to sail through the desert.This ride is one of the remarkable activities to do in Dubai.

22. Desert Safari

This is the experience you can’t miss when you are in Dubai. Enjoy the 4×4 drive ride in the dunes across the desert. The drivers are so professional and would provide you the thrilling experience. One must get a camera when going to a desert safari in Dubai as the views are breath taking and awesome. This excursion uncovers many activities such as Dune bashing, Sand skiing, camel riding, and Arabic folk music.

Adventurers should try skiing over there as that would be remarkable lifetime experience. Even if you fall, the soft sand is there to catch you 😊 . After reaching camp, enjoy the Fire and Tanura Show.

  • Ice Sports

Dubai got me crazy. It left no stone unturned to astonish me. A single city with amass of air, water, sand and ice activities. Surely , Dubai is city of superlatives. Enjoy the skiing and snowboarding in the indoor Ski Dubai. Play with the snowman and ice skate in the Dubai Mall.

23. Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai is the coolest thing to do in Dubai. They did the marvelous invention with indoor Skiing experience having technology with maintained temperature. You can enjoy skiing, snowboarding and play with the snow penguins all under one roof. Ski gears and lockers are available on rent over there.

It is a part of the Mall of the Emirates, one of the largest shopping malls in the world, located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

24. Ice Skating

Ever wondered to experience ice skating in the country with deserts. Have an astounding experience of this sport in Dubai Ice Rink, Dubai Mall. Learn the skating if haven’t done before and set your spirits free at Olympic sized Ice rink. The prices are reasonable and affordable.

  • Recreational and Spectator Activities

Get amused with horse riding. Be the spectator or try hands in Polo. Thrill yourself with the craziest roller coaster ride. Experience sensation of free fall in Indoor Skydiving and push your vertical limits in Indoor Climbing. Test your riding skills in Go Karting. Try hands in shooting and archery.

25. Take a roller coaster ride

Get thrilled with the roller coaster ride and many other daring rides at world’s best indoor theme park- IMG World of Adventure. Expect zombies and ghosts at the most unexpected moments. You will even find dinosaurs wandering around Die- hard thrill seekers would find this place perfect for themselves. If you are Marvel fan, then you should visit this park and embrace yourselves as Ironman, Thor etc. Surely, this theme park id for adrenaline junkie.This adventure is one of the craziest activities to do in Dubai.

26. Horse Riding

This experience is one of the opulent activities to do in Dubai. Dubai is the host for World-cup, world’s richest horse race. Horse Riding is offered at a handful of places in Metropolis as well as the mushrif Equestrian Center , Arabian Ranches Polo Club, The Metropolis Polo Camp and Metropolis Desert Palm Resort. Emirates Equestrian Center offers everything from pony rides for tiny youngsters to abandon hacks and personal lessons.

27. Polo

Often heard Polo as the Game of Rich People but Polo is open for all in Dubai. If you fancy testing your own skills or learning this royal game, simply sign up for the lessons available for every skill levels. Polo is a skillful, energetic and thrilling game to play and watch. Adrenaline rushed game is played in lush green fields of the clubs.This game is one of the grandiose activities to do in Dubai.

28. Shooting and Archery

Shooting clubs are located to provide the luxurious feeling of trying hands in shooting and archery. Indoor and outdoor facilities are provided with rigorous safety standards.This adventure is one of the exciting activities to do in Dubai.

29. Indoor Skydiving

Are of scared of skydiving and still want to experience the same of air fall? Then Dubai serves you with Indoor Skydiving. iFLY is where you experience the thrill of free fall without jumping out of the plane. The titillation of flying your body in the high speed wind in inexperienced sensation. You get to sail in the air flowing vertically in the wind tunnel.

30. Go-Karting

Have the inexperienced adventure of Go-karting. There are tracks that provide you amazing thrill of fast riding karts. This activity is the one of the coolest activities to do in Dubai.

31. Indoor Climbing

Ever fancied about rock or wall climbing but got afraid of falling. Dubai has again got the solution. Dubai provides you amazing indoor climbing experience. Push your vertical limits and celebrate your success at the top.


Dubai offers variety of adrenaline soaring activities. Get yourself drenched in these amazing activities and rejuvenate your spirits high. I would recommend you to list down the activities you would like to experience in your next trip to Dubai.

Happy Travelling !!!!

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